Who should use a Shampoo Bar?

Our answer? Everybody with hair! Here’s why:

A shampoo bar is simply shampoo without the water.

We don’t see the point of buying a liquid shampoo (usually in a one-use plastic bottle), when all you actually buying is a bottle with a little shampoo concentrate and a LOT of water. Our bars are concentrated shampoo that, with the addition of your normal bathing water will lather up like any liquid shampoo!

You are helping to save the use of NZ’s water supply in product manufacture and landfills by quitting the plastic bottle!

We mentioned the plastic issue as this is really top-of-mind for most people these days. Because the shampoo and conditioner bars are solid, they can be packaged in really sustainable ways. Most nectar customers choose the initial option of buying their bars in the travel tins we supply and later as “Just the Bar” refill bars, with minimal paper packaging too. Or an added option is a drawstring linen bag to hang in the shower or above the bath. One of our regular customers actually leave the bars in the bags and use them still inside – they say they get a marvelous lather that way! So shampoo and conditioner bars are really ZERO-WASTE all the way!

Shampoo bars last!

But you must let them dry after use and keep them dry between uses. It doesn’t matter whether you have a fancy soap rack or a hanging soap saver bag – or even a wonderful NZ invention, the Block Dock – as long as the bar is out of the spray zone you should get the equivalent of two or three salon sized bottles’ worth of washes from each one.

Safe from spills

Hands up who has had a wee accident in their suitcase when a bottle of liquid anything fails to keep itself together for the duration! Nothing worse than arriving on holiday or business trip with shampoo and conditioner running amok in your toilet bag or even worse through your clothes! Shampoo and conditioner bars do not leak in your luggage. We have even added the option of a screw-lid travel tin to give you even more reassurance.

shampoo in tins full range

The Nectar Shampoo Range

At nectar, we shape our shampoo bars round to fit the palm of the hand nicely and make it easier for everyone to hold on to the bar while in use, even those with co-ordination or hand medical issues. Being round also helps identify the difference between your shampoo and conditioner bar during your hair wash (our conditioners are shaped square to cut the confusion)

Natural, vegan and non-toxic

Although some of the ingredients have longwinded and complicated names (required for labeling regulations) they are naturally derived from vegan sources and non-toxic to the hair and scalp. No animals are tested for any nectar products or their ingredients and preservatives (a necessary skin-safety ingredient) are Eco-cert approved.

For every hair type

We have six shampoo bars in our range and more will be added in the future to address more targeted issues. For now, our bars are able to be used across the board – those with drier hair would use the additional conditioner bar, those with oilier we suggest they either don’t use the conditioner at all or just on the ends of their hair.

The Blondini Purple Toning Shampoo

We have our hero bar – the Blondini – which is a best-selling Purple Toning shampoo bar that is formulated to salon-quality and effective for reducing the yellow tones that can occur in natural and bleached blonde, and grey hair.

Even those with brunette or auburn hair can benefit from the Blondini if they have had lighter highlights added as they can tend to “ginger up” due to the red base in the natural hair color.

For those customers that only need a mild touch of the purple (say they have very white hair or just want a subtle change), we have introduced Blondini Lite – some use this bar full time while others intersperse it with “Blondini”.

Soothe for sensitive skin

Our Soothe shampoo is uncolored and filled with natural oils and oatmeal which calms scalp irritations like itchy scalp, and is very effective at reducing dandruff and psoriasis too. We are very proud of the results our customers are getting with the “Soothe” bar when they use it regularly.

The other three family shampoo bars, Berry Sherbet, Apple Schnapple and Brown St Men, like the other previous shampoos, leave the hair manageable and nourished, with the added bonus of smelling quite irresistible as they are all infused with beautiful fragrances. Which is doubled up in power when you use the matching conditioner bars too.

Why choose a shampoo bar?

So to sum up – shampoo bars are right for almost everyone who uses a liquid shampoo while:

  • Reducing plastic use
  • Saving water resources
  • Getting GREAT hair without the toxins AND
  • Saving $$$


Happy hair everyone! x

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  • Kathryn Chitty

    I have been using Blondini for a year now. So nice to use and hair stays soft and feels lovely, didn’t need a conditioner. Today I used the Blondini conditioner for the first time, even softer, and was lovely to use, smells divine.

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