No BS Deodorant 50ml

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For anyone with sensitive skin and/or a reaction to Baking Soda in other aluminium-free deodorants.

  • No more rash
  • No more redness

Our No BS deodorant is really effective in keeping your pits fresh and clean without the discomfort you experience if you have an allergy to Baking Soda.

And that’s NO B.S. !

It’s really simple to use – just scoop out the orange-y formulation out of the jar, smooth over your skin and enjoy all-day freshness with no staining!

No need to wash off your hands after application – just rub into your skin like you would a hand cream!

Heads up – in colder temps our natural formula will solidify but will regain its creaminess and spreadability when applied to warm skin!

Presented in a 50g glass pot.

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Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, cocoa butter, vitamin e oil, tapioca powder, magnesium oil, fold-5 orange essential oil, preservative

Being a responsible formulator means producing skin-safe products – we do use a preservative but it is vegetable-derived. Products that require application by hand need extra protection against bacteria we all carry on our skins, even very clean skin!

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