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nectar is proud to distribute the new ROAR Homeopathic remedies for all animals!

ROAR’s DITCH THE ITCH skin relief drops are formulated to act as a reactant to hot, irritated, hyper-sensitive, or ‘burning’ sensation in the skin – regardless of cause.

ROAR believe in treating the root cause – not just the symptom – and itchy skin, isn’t just skin deep.
80% of triallists experienced ceasing of itching once their diet had changed. Lamb, beef, pork and chicken proved to be the biggest food triggers, followed by grain-based foods. Dogs with food-based skin issues tended toward random itching; feet and legs, armpits, belly, anus, face and ears, commonly being affected.
About 35% of triallists experienced environmental itch causing triggers, like grasses, and contact with chemicals. Dogs with environmental and contact type allergies experienced most symptoms where their bodies made contact with the trigger; feet, belly, anus all being typical areas affected.
In every participant, where itching was a chronic issue, springtime was the most aggravating time of year, causing an acute flare-up of their common problem.

Visit https://theroarstore.co.nz/products/ditch-the-itch if you would like further in-depth information – all clinical notes and testimonials are available on each product page.

50ml unbreakable aluminium bottle.

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DITCH THE ITCH non-toxic skin relief drops are prepared in a base of vegetable glycerine and spring water.  Other ingredients include: Sulphur and Natrum muraticum

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