DITCH THE ITCH skin relief Combo

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nectar is proud to distribute the new ROAR Homeopathic remedies for all animals!

Itchy dogs – a constant struggle for the owner (and the dog) and an issue that can have a myriad of triggers.

Our DITCH THE ITCH COMBO has been curated to help reduce you and your dog’s stress levels (and the stress on your wallet), while working alongside you as you discover and address those triggers.

These root causes need to be managed for true healing to take place in your pet’s skin.  Whether internal factors (food, stress, underlying health issues, etc) or external triggers (contact allergies, environmental allergens, etc),  DITCH THE ITCH is designed to help your pet transition into a healthier diet and lifestyle by managing the itch and the odour.  It gently triggers the immune system to relieve the histamine level associated with such intense itching.

Important:  Your pet will require bathing as the itch subsides.  They will give off a yeasty type odour as die-back occurs.  We recommend nectar’s dog shampoo bar because it contains only a small quantity of coconut oil (which is extremely drying and potentially aggravating to already sensitive skin) as well as the best NZ Manuka Essential Oil for its calming and antibacterial properties.

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