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Purple Dog Shampoo Bar for White Coats

$11.00 NZD

Owning a white dog is a joy until it isn’t white anymore! Use our new regular sized Purple Dog Shampoo Bar for White Coats to bring the freshness and whiteness back to their coat.

Having had so much great feedback from our human Purple Shampoo bar we decided to formulate our normal popular Dog Shampoo Bar with the same violet colouring to enhance dog’s white coats – just like our blondes and greys human customers!

PH compatible for dogs so you are looking after their coat AND their precious skin.

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Saponified oils and butters of Shea, Coconut and Olive, Violet Colouring


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Weight0.060 kg
Dimensions7 × 4 × 2.5 cm

3 reviews for Purple Dog Shampoo Bar for White Coats

  1. Stacey L.

    Rastus is white again! this takes the yellow out of his coat as well as any liquid shampoo we have used in the past! Love it

  2. Luci

    Caspar is loving being washed by us instead of the groomer and his coat is as bright and white with this bar as it is when we have had him done professionally – loving it nectar 🙂 xxxxxxx

  3. Michelle M

    Good fresh smell, no itching, and best of all her white coat is white again – I was a bit freaked out at first at the purple lather – was I going to end up with a purple dog? LOL but no it all washed out and left her sparkly white. I am so happy I tried this and won’t be going back to the other shampoos I have tried. Thanks from Dixie too !

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