THUNDER HUG soothing drops

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nectar is proud to distribute the new ROAR Homeopathic remedies for all animals!

Does your pet freak out with foreseen loud sudden noises like thunder, fireworks, building noises etc or unsettling situations like moving house or temporary boarding?

Keep them feeling safe and secure with our THUNDER HUG soothing drops.

THUNDER HUG soothing drops are formulated to support the immune system of an animal suffering from fear, fright and nervousness.

It really is a cuddle in a bottle!

Safe for use for any pet 8 weeks or older, and can be used alongside existing medications.

Earn 40 nectar points!


Non-toxic THUNDER HUG  drops are prepared in a base of vegetable glycerine and spring water. Other ingredients include: Theridion, Aconite, Gelsemium

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