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PLEASE NOTE: 100g slices are temporarily sold out. We do have some 60g round Laundry soaps available.

Backorders are available for our 100g size if they are more suitable for your needs. Simply add to your order and we will record your backorder – you will be charged when the backorder is fulfilled.

Our new Laundry soap is perfect for handwashing delicate items but also removing stubborn stains.

Coconut Oil is very high in naturally occurring lauric acid, known for its super-cleaning properties.

Our very simple soap contains the best Coconut Oil we could find and a refreshing scent of sweet oranges, leaving your smalls (or bigs)  cared for, but clean as a whistle.

Our soap does not affect sea-life or waterways when washed into the wastewater system. Safe for septic tank use.

Keep your bar dry between uses for long life.

Suggestions for use:

  • Grate and add 1 c baking soda, 1/2 c washing soda and 1/2 c borax to use in machines. Use the normal amount you would use of a commercial laundry powder. As there are so many machines on the market now, check that your machine can process the powder. Some require low suds – we use half the amount we normally use in our front loader but could probably use more. Adjust amount as necessary.
  • Wet the corner of the bar and rub on stubborn stains. Wash as normal.
  • Give to a favourite fisherman to use out at sea with saltwater to remove fishy smells after filleting.


Just a reminder due to the washing soda and borax in the laundry powder recipe – keep powder away from children and pets as you normally would – seek medical advice if ingested.

Coconut Oil soap can be little drying to hands, so we recommend the use of gloves while using to hand wash, or pop on some Hydrate or one of our Body Cremes after use to maintain hand health.

Although this soap could be used by more hardy skin types, we do not recommend for personal use or on animals or children. Visit our Soaps for more suitable skin-kind washes!

Available in rectangular 100g blocks or 60g round bars.

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Saponified oil of Pacific Coconut, Sweet Orange E ssential Oil

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