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Carbonite®️ Activated Charcoal Clarifying Shampoo Bar

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Detoxify. Cleanse. Refresh.

Our NEW Carbonite®️ Shampoo Bar is a clarifying shampoo that removes build up and residue to rescue dull, congested hair. This deep cleansing shampoo is like a detox for your hair!
Although it deals a savage blow to oilier hair. it is kind to all hair types. It will leave hair free of hair products and promote its natural shine.

Your scalp is the extension of your skin and it functions the same way. It absorbs dirt, oil, and excess sebum just like the skin on the rest of your body. This can affect your scalp’s quality, which in turn, affects your hair growth. An activated charcoal shampoo can get rid of these impurities and excess sebum, allowing your hair to breathe and grow without impediment.

Activated charcoal (sourced from coconut shells left over from other coconut product harvesting) has a HUGE surface area (activated charcoal can absorb up to 1000 times its weight in  impurities!) which allows it to soak up all the toxins and gunk left behind on your hair and scalp from hair products, swimming pool chlorine, air pollution and scalp oil over-production by people with oilier hair.

FOR ALL HAIR TYPES, Carbonite®️ Shampoo Bar does not strip hair of the essential nutrients or affect coloured hair. Giving scalp and hair a gentle detox can prevent excessive build-up that can damage the scalp and change the hair’s natural texture.


NB AND don’t be scared of the black colour as it does not dye your hair and the lather will not stain your tiles and grout.

The majority of our customers report back that they also have no need of conditioner anymore too.

AND it’s Zero Waste too! Finally, you can ditch those plastic bottles!

Packaged in a recyclable “Just the Bar” cardboard box.

Scented with invigorating natural citrus essential oils to keep you fresh and sweet-smelling for days!

Use this code at checkout if you are a first time user for a 10% discount! CARBONITE10

PLEASE NOTE: Extra care may be needed for heavily bleached or very dry hair as some darkening of colour MAY occur. We suggest a test wash on a small unnoticeable area would be advisable in those instances.

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Earn 23 nectar points!
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These bars are Cruelty-free, Paraben and Phthalate Free …… AND economical – they should last three times as long as shampoo in a bottle.


Sodium cocoyl isethionate, cocoa butter, btms 25 conditioner, sodium cocyl sulfate, decyl glucoside, provitamin B, lactic acid, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, mica, geogard, activated charcoal, sweet orange and mandarin essential oil blend, argan oil, hydrogenated olivate and olive oil.


  1. Begin with thoroughly wet hair.
  2. Rub the wet shampoo bar between your wet hands to create a nice lather.
  3. Using your fingers like a comb, smooth the lather along your hair.
  4. Gently massage it into the scalp and hair, as you would with a bottled shampoo.
  5. Work up a good lather.
  6. And rinse out! You’re done.
  7. Keep it dry between uses.

Depending on your hair type, you may need to finish with our Solid Conditioner Bar.

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Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 3 cm

80g Regular Tin, Just the Bar, Linen Bag, Travel Sized Tin

9 reviews for Carbonite®️ Activated Charcoal Clarifying Shampoo Bar

  1. whimple (verified owner)

    I have tried other brands of shampoo bars and was never convinced to give up the bottle. Until I started using Nectar shampoo and conditioner bars, they are the best on the market. The new charcoal shampoo is fantastic it smells great and it really gets hair clean and soft. Its better than alot of salon bottle shampoo. No plastic waste either. Well Done Nectar!

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